My horse, Cajun, came up dead lame on his right hind one day. A week prior, he was moving and jumping sound as can be. After two weeks of giving him bute and keeping him in his stall, I took him to the vet. The vet flexed and X-rayed him and told me he had arthritis. Cajun was 5 and I have owned him for two years, the last year of which I showed him in two year end championships in 2'6" and 2'9" divisions. He was farm raised and jumping 2' when I bought him. I could not believe that he was crippled from arthritis. However, not knowing what else to do, at my vet's direction I administered Legend once a week for three weeks. This resulted in absolutely no improvement.

On the verge of thinking about retiring Cajun, I was told about animal chiropractor Lance Cleveland. I go to a chiropractor regularly and immediately thought that he would at least be able to further evaluate him and possibly help him. I called him and found out that he would be in my area in a couple of days, so I made an appointment for him to see Cajun because, by this time, he had been lame for five weeks with no improvement. As Dr. Cleveland palpated the end of Cajun's back, just before his hip area, Cajun's right hind end began to quiver violently. Dr. Cleveland looked at me and told me that Cajun apparently had a pinched sciatic nerve! I was dumbfounded! He made the necessary adjustments and showed me some stretches to do with Cajun at home. Three days later, Cajun was remarkably better. Within a month and a couple more adjustments, Cajun was 100%! After a month and a half of Dr. Cleveland helping Cajun, I took him to an A rated hunter/jumper show and placed respectfully jumping 3'. My heart breaks every time I think about how much pain Cajun was in for those five weeks. I can not thank Dr. Cleveland enough for saving my horse.

Laurel I. White, Esq. Alexandria, LA



By a twist of fate, we met Dr. Cleveland. The vets had given up on helping Rosie and we were going to have to put her to sleep. Now she is no longer in pain and is even able to jump, which she hasn't done for at least a year. Before animal chiropractic therapy, her back legs were basically useless. We'll never be able to thank Dr. Cleveland enough for giving Rosie back to us as a happy and pain-free dog.


Joe and Pat Bordelon, Greenville, MS.

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