Barn Host Program

Barn Host Program

Take advantage of my unique program for Barn Hosts. Care for your animal and your wallet by becoming a Barn Host today.

A Barn Host is the location coordinator for my visits. The responsibilities of the Barn Host include:

  • Facility provider, The facility can be your own or one that you have arranged for us to use.
  • Scheduling a minimum of 10 horses for evaluation and treatment in the barn. A thorough evaluation and treatment of each horse requires 30 to 45 minutes, so a maximum of 20 horses can be scheduled for each day. The facility requirements for each horse must be verified.
  • Communication liason for the barn. This includes client inquiries and veterinarian referral.
  • Collects fees or credit card information for my services from all clients in advance of my visit. Fees to be determined on an individual basis.
  • Coordinates assistance for holding horses during treatment and walking horses after treatment.
  • Transportation may be necessary to and from your nearest small airport. My transportation requirements may vary depending on distance.

Here's how it works:

Compensation for the Barn Host begins after 10 horses per day. In exchange for hosting my visits and providing the services listed above, the Barn Host will receive a bonus horse evaluation and treatment for every additional four horses that are treated at your location. For example, if you have coordinated 14 horses for evaluation and treatment in your barn or meeting at your barn from the surrounding area, you will basically get one horse evaluated and treated for no additional charge.

I have a laminated barn reminder sign that prominently displays the date of my next visit to assist with Barn Host / Client communications. When we agree on a date, just give me an address to send the barn sign and I will include a free book on Equine Chiropractic to help everyone make an educated decision.

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